European culture, cinema, television, music, literature, performing arts, heritage and related areas will benefit from increased support under the European Commission’s new Creative Europe programme, which was approved last year. With a budget of €1.46 billion over the next seven years — 9% more than current levels — the programme will provide a boost for the cultural and creative sectors, which are a major source of jobs and growth. See what’s in it for you!

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Swedish scenes, we’d love a fika right now.

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Wonderful Vienna, a map illustrated by Owen Gatley.He has many more, which you can check out here.

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Wonderful Vienna, a map illustrated by Owen Gatley.
He has many more, which you can check out here.

All our friends seem to be heading south-east this summer. Catch some colours in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina and get lost on those cobbled streets. Illustration and photos from the wonderful Sarajevo Dingbats




Dr. Max Roberts turned these three underground metro maps into these circular designs using concentric circles. 

"Whatever the usability study outcomes, if a product is attractive and powerful for some people, so that they enjoy looking at it, that is half the battle won for the information designer. Maps that are attractive are more likely to be used, and people are less likely to turn elsewhere for help. In turn, they will acquire more knowledge about the network the more they use a map, creating a virtuous circle of learning.”

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